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You and your family must show:

- Good financial reputation; documentary proof of source of moneys necessary to fund the application process will be required

- No criminal record of investigation or conviction of serious crimes; police certificates from the country(-ies) of citizenship and each country of residence of 6+ months in the past 10 years will be required

- No threat or risk to public order or state security

- No citizenship of ineligible countries

- No prior denial of visas to a country or territory with which Moldova has visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel arrangements, unless issues were subsequently resolved and visas were issued

Rigorous personal due diligence will be conducted by professionals as part of the process.

Process to last 4-6 months

Preparation of documents: 1-2 months

Government procedures: 3-4 months

Applications can be filed only:

- in person or

- by accredited agent

Travel to Moldova

When applying for Moldovan citizenship throught an accredited agent, travel to Moldova shall not be required.

Approved applicants will need to visit a Moldovan embassy or consulate to provide biometric data and take the oath of allegiance.