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Blessed with a mild and sunny climate, as well as fertile soils and century-long farming traditions, Moldova has a rather productive agricultural sector.


28 February 2020 Moldovan Parliament Extended the MCBI Moratorium Untill 1 September 2020

17 December 2019 Moldovan Cabinet Has Extended the Moratorium on New MCBI Applications by Two Months

31 July 2019 Moldovan Parliament Has Imposed a 4-Month Moratorium on New MCBI Applications

5 April 2019 First Presidential Decree to Grant MCBI Citizenship was Published 5 Months from Program Launch

11 January 2019 Turcan Cazac accredited to assist with Moldova Citizenship Program

5 November 2018 The Moldovan Citizenship by Investment Program was Officially Launched Today

10 October 2018 More than 5,000 Passports, Anonymity of Applicants and No Constitution and Language Tests

24 August 2018 Government to Start Receiving Citizenship Applications from Investors in October 2018?

27 June 2017 The Moldovan Citizenship by Investment Law Entered into Force Today